Planning and Organizing Skills


Planning and Organizing Skills

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About the course

When we are at work we all feel we are ‘busy’; but good companies and organizations make certain their employees are busy ‘doing the right things efficiently and effectively’ – i.e. ‘doing the right things, right’. This course is the ideal way to learn and practice the skills of good planning. The course helps delegates understand the key elements of planning and organizing – and shows how they can be readily applied to the delegates’ work environments. It will help people interested in clearly identifying and prioritizing the tasks and activities needed to achieve both business and personal goals.

Designed For

This program is a ‘must’ for all managers, supervisors, team leaders, shift leaders and support staff. No matter what your department or job function, being well organized pays off – for both the employer and the employee! Effectiveness.

Course Objectives

  • Upon completion, participants should be able to:
  • Discuss the principles and importance of correct planning
  • Have a clear understanding of the essentials of planning
  • Set effective goals
  • Set objectives to aid in the achievement of the goals
  • Organize and adapt plans for successful implementation
  • Use planning tools such as Gantt Charts, etc.
  • Use the principles of prioritizing work effectively
  • Develop personal organizing strategies to help with work-life balance


Stephen Theophilus