Essential Technical Writing Skills for the Petroleum Industry


Essential Technical Writing Skills for the Petroleum Industry

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About the course

Writing for work-related purposes ought to be brief, clear, informative and, above all, readable. In this practical hands-on course, you gain a solid foundation in technical writing skills. The primary theme for the course is that a writer must “think constantly about their readers.” Examples and exercises provide hands-on experience. You may choose to bring a sample of your writing for one-on-one feedback.

Designed For

All engineers, managers, IT/computer support staff, team leaders, supervisors, and individuals responsible for writing letters, memos, reports, procedures, test results, and proposals that are clear, concise, and professional.

Course Objectives

Upon completion, you will know how to:

  • Focus on the reader as the receiver of the information
  • Develop quality writing that will:
  • Improve business relationships and communication
  • Write better and faster
  • Make your writing more credible
  • Make you more confident in your writing
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Osi Chukwuma